Use the sellSparkle function of this smart contract to receive 1 ETH per 10309.3 SPRK.

Here’s how to turn SPRK into ETH:

  1. Visit the Etherscan page for the Sparkle contract

  2. Go to “Write Contract”

  3. Connect to Web3 (Metamask)

  4. Scroll down to “7. sellSparkle”

  5. Enter the amount of SPRK you’re selling

  6. Click write

  7. Done!

Every SPRK is backed by a verifiable reserve of Ether.

The total number of Sparkle! will never exceed 400 million. Once this threshold has been reached, the buy function of the contract will be disabled and ETH sent to the contract will be returned. The sell function will remain active indefinitely, guaranteeing a minimum SPRK value of 10000 SPRK = .97 ETH.

For every SPRK that you hold in your wallet, you will automatically receive an additional share of the 2% transaction tax that has been collected. After each transaction in the Sparkle economy, 2% is paid by the sender and put into a communal pool that is distributed equally based on the number of SPRK that you own. Your share of the pool is added to your balance instantly after each transaction in the economy, therefore your balance will increase based on the health of the Sparkle economy.