Want SPRK?

Send any amount of ETH to 0x286ae10228C274a9396a05A56B9E3B8f42D1cE14 and receive 9700 SPRK per 1 ETH.*


* Do not send ether from an exchange wallet or your Sparkle will be lost forever. Use Metamask. Be sure to use a high gas limit to complete the transfer. Include a gas limit of at least 100,000 or your transfer may fail.

The price of SPRK is stable until 400 million SPRK, the equivalent of 40,000 ETH, has been minted. The total number of Sparkle! will never exceed 400 million. Once this threshold has been reached, the buy function of the contract is automatically disabled and ETH sent to the contract will be returned. The contract continues to buy SPRK indefinitely, guaranteeing a minimum SPRK value of 10000 SPRK = .97 ETH.

If you hold any amount of Sparkle! in your wallet then you will receive free Sparkle whenever anyone buys or transfers Sparkle!

For every SPRK that you hold in your wallet, you will automatically receive an additional share of the 2% transaction tax that has been collected. After each transaction in the Sparkle economy, 2% is paid by the sender and put into a communal pool that is distributed equally based on the number of SPRK that you own. Your share of the pool is added to your balance instantly after each transaction in the economy, therefore your balance will increase based on the health of the Sparkle economy.