Sparkle is redistributive currency.

Sparkle is money that fights income inequality by proportionally redistributing two percent of every transaction to each person in the economy.

Programmed by the co-creator of Occupy Wall Street and powered by Ethereum, Sparkle is a better money.

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Quick Facts



Sparkle is the first money to redistribute 2% of the economy to each person. When the rich spend Sparkle, the poor receive their share.


Sparkle has no kill switch or pause function.


Sparkle cannot be broken, changed or modified.


Sparkle is a protest that offers an alternative.


Sparkle enacts new economic laws that could form the basis for a better society.


Sparkle’s design fights currency speculation and is backed by a verifiable reserve of ETH that guarantees a minimum value.

Actually Exists

Sparkle is real and exists right now. Join a better economy by sending any amount of ether to the contract address (0x286ae10228C274a9396a05A56B9E3B8f42D1cE14) to receive Sparkle.*

* Do not send ether from an exchange address or you will be unable to receive Sparkle. Be sure to use a high gas limit to complete the transfer. Include a gas limit of at least 100,000 or your transfer may fail.